12 July 2009

summer summer summer

I have been lacking with the photography lately (that is going to change pronto), and just relaxing and enjoying summer to the fullest.  Been going up to pretty boy a lot lately, even just for some late day swims.  It is so beautiful up there, and just nice to escape the city every now and then.  However, there is a rope swing hanging from one of the trees at one rock spot, and u have to clear the shallow area.  Well, my hand slid off the rope getting tangled, and i was falling right towards the rocks, so instead of having a broken ankle or something, i have one (possibly two?) broken fingers and a sprained wrist.  It hasn't stopped me though.  

I also got a job (within the first week of being back to baltimore, which is sort of amazing.  I am a barista......at the double tree near Hopkins.  It doesn't get much traffic, but oh well.

Whartscape is also going on right now.  Sort of wish I wasn't working, but what can you do.  What I have been to so far has been great.

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