23 November 2010

Lupe Fiasco- Gold Watch

They can be produced as one large image (30x40), or tiled, since all sides line up with one another. Lupe Fiasco wallpaper please.

Ludacris Stand Up

The colors are really similar to T.I.'s, may fix that

17 November 2010

Rapper Song Portraits

T.I. "What You Know"

Lloyd Banks "Beamer, Benz or Bentley"

The previous images posted were supposed to be for my contemporary directions final, however, I rather focus on those as a personal project, and do something a little more out of my element and fun for my final (especially with thesis lingering unfinished).

So I am picking out songs by rappers, and using imagery within the lyrics to create kaleidoscope collages overemphasizing the imagery within these rap songs. That is the general gist of the project.

14 November 2010

22 October 2010

Brooklyn, Baltimore

6th avenue in Brooklyn

06 October 2010

more Reservoir Hill images

currently the one portrait in the previous post seems a bit ambiguous, however, there will be more portraits on the way. All of these are currently 16x20 c-prints, however, I am thinking about making some things smaller and some larger. The portraits will probably stay at 16x20, however, some of the vibrant architectural images will go up to 20x24, and some smaller details like architectural details and neighborhood signs will go smaller to 11x14.

The Beginning of Thesis

Linden Avenue in Reservoir Hill.

Keith, a 20+ year resident of Reservoir Hill.

At the corner of Linden Avenue and Druid Hill Park Drive in Reservoir Hill.

On upper Linden Avenue near Druid Hill Park Drive.

my thesis is focused on the current state of housing within Baltimore city and the metropolitan area. The current state is caused by past conflicts and will help shape the future of how the city will look. Here are some images so far along with more on the way (once my scans get finished).

These are just a few images selected from Reservoir Hill, however, the entire series will include a selection for the exhibition and a full collection for the book, which will accompany the exhibition. As many parts of Baltimore will be included.

26 May 2010

more photos from jordan.