14 June 2009

Younger Than Jesus

The Generational: Younger Than Jesus Show is currently going on at the New Museum in Manhattan.  I recommend everyone go see it; however, I thought it was absolutely awful, and poorly curated.  The reason why I say go see this show is that this is the artwork being showcased for our generation.  We are part of the group of artists that were selected for this show and catalog.  The show only included 55 artists out of the 500 selected for the catalog, and it was more than unimpressive.  The selection of artwork was too sporadic, and the placement of work in the space made no sense.  It was too hard to focus on individual pieces because large pieces were placed next to other large pieces, which became extremely distracting.  Therefore, the smaller pieces, and the pieces in the back hallway/staircase became lost.  It is too large of a show concept to succeed.

I may be bias, but I thought that some of the stronger work exhibited were the photography.  

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