25 February 2009

Worlds Away: Suburban Landscapes

I saw his work in the Worlds Away exhibit, which is currently at the Carnegie in Pittsburgh, and I fell in love with his photography.  Overall the exhibit is amazing, and anyone in the Pittsburgh area should check it out, (if it's still there?).  


Melissa said...

ooooh that's so funny you put these up.
i'm totally doing something grocery related for our next project.

i'm a bit blogger-retarded. i want to follow your blog but i can't find the link. help?

Melissa said...

well i wanted to do things in the cases...maybe. i have to check it out still. i'm just going to shoot and get my grocery shopping done at the same time. it's going to be great.

i see you're going to the sweet dealy on barclay friday night. hopefully it'll be better than last week's trip to the hexagon. unless freddy mercury's ghost is there, there better not be any more sweaty, hairy, guys in spandex stealing the stage this time. when you leave for the show, give me a call 908 507 2697.