24 February 2009

at work.

clairton, pa [coalcampusa.com]

There are many things I could be doing with my time instead of sitting outside of Falvey in somewhat of a sleepless trance.  I've started a few new projects recently, and have many in the works.

strip malls
levittown style housing developments

in the works:
clairton coke plants and surrounding town
devastation of braddock and mon valley
the dry town of bellevue

I want to be working on an extended project with braddock, because the mayor is currently trying to revive the area extensively, with the initiative of cheap living and arts.  Hopefully it will turn out for the better

braddock population statistics:
1940:  20,879
2000: 2912
2002: 2838
2004: 2781

I hope to have some scans up of new work. soon.

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